New Message Board! Find a Roommate!

Below is the link to our message board. Use it to help find a roommate for the festival.

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EMOS Registration now open!

Register through Eventbrite.

More info on our registration page.

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Announcing the Winners of the 2012 Earth Matters on Stage Ecodrama Playwrights Festival

First Place:  SILA by Chantal Bilodeau

“The Arctic is melting and everyone wants a piece of it. In the race to shape the future of the region, seven characters — a climate scientist, an Inuit activist and her daughter, two Canadian Coast Guard officers, an Inuit hunter, and a polar bear — see their values challenged as their lives become intricately intertwined. Mixing puppetry, projection, spoken word poetry and three different languages (English, French & Inuktitut), Sila is a plea for increased collaboration in dealing with the big challenges of our time.” []

Second Place:  BEARS by Mark Rigney

An innovative tale of three bears that will forever change your view as an outsider looking in. Clever, refreshing, and humorous, BEARS opens the doors to the reality of animal and human, caged and wild, and investigates with great sincerity a bear’s perspective behind bars.

Each of these plays will receive workshop readings at the 2012 Earth Matters on Stage Festival & Symposium at Carnegie Mellon University during the weekend of May 31-June 2, 2012.

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